Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms of Sale
CopierPartsOutlet.com does not offer price protection of any nature under any circumstances. Price and availability are subject to change without notice. All sales are final. Customers should provide CopierPartsOutlet.com with a copy of detailed Purchase Order each time an order is placed, without which, CopierPartsOutlet.com assumes no responsibility for pricing, wrong item, or shipping discrepancies, etc. Invoicing discrepancies, must be reported to the respective salesperson within 3 business days of receipt of invoice.

Parts / Supplies / Manuals

PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) - We offer an extensive line of most all OEM copier printed circuit boards available to the industry. Please inspect your board for the OEM part number stamped on the board, we will need this number in order to fulfill your request. We do not accept returns or offer refunds for circuit boards, Thermistors, Thermofuses, special order parts or items, this includes all circuit boards.

Purchaser or their technicians for new, used or repaired circuit boards shall be responsible for all aspects of installation including but not limited to repair procedures outlined in any technical manual related to repair or other reasonable instruction. CopierPartsOutlet.com assumes no responsibility for loss or damage relating to circuit board or related parts due to the negligence or inexperience of purchaser of circuit board or on the part of their technicians. Purchaser assumes all responsibility for any special procedures related to the preparation, repair process of, installation of and all other special handling involved with any circuit board ordered new, used or sent in for repair. CopierPartsOutlet.com will not be responsible for missing parts or components removed by purchaser at any time or during the repair process when is the case that board components are removed by the manufacturer repair facility or other repair facility from board during the repair process. Purchaser agrees all final determinations concerning any and all claims regarding circuit board purchase or repair will be determined by CopierPartsOutlet.com at our sole discretion.

Please read carefully any service manuals or technical manuals related to your circuit board before attempting to repair your machine and before ordering or sending your board for repair.
Feel free to ask us any questions regarding the repair procedure, any special handling or shipping details for your circuit board before you order or ship your board for repair.

You may send your circuit board inquiry and questions to us.

Toner - Toner is the "ink" of the copier and you will run out eventually if not frequently if your copier gets a lot of use. We carry a wide array of OEM and Compatible black and color toners for most every copier on the market from high volume machines to personal copier cartridge types.

Fuser Rollers - Like our drums we sell both OEM and Compatible fuser rollers. Our OEM rollers are an exact match to the original you are replacing. Our compatible rollers are often superior to the OEM as they are in many cases improved for longer life and the best part is, they are also almost always less expensive.

Photoreceptor Drums - We carry both OEM and Compatible Drums. Our OEM drums are the original replacement from the copier manufacturer. Our premium compatible drums are of the best quality available on the market made by various manufacturers. These drums typically perform as good and in some cases even better than the OEM because of improvements on the original design. Manufactured for example in Germany by AEG, Japan by Fuji and even Xerox these products are a dependable and economical alternative and when you buy from us you get only the best. (Please be advised it is wise to change your cleaning blade and developer whenever replacing a drum)

Heat & Exposure Lamps - We have a wide range of lamps available for most copiers and in many cases the exact make lamp for your machine. Be aware though as a machine begins to age lamps are usually among the first parts to become discontinued. The good news is, many lamps are interchangeable from machine type to machine type and even from one manufacturer to the other. When placing an order or inquiry for a lamp please understand that the lamp for your machine may be the one and only lamp left available and although the name and number of the lamp may not match your copier model number, the lamp specifications are identical and the fit is perfect. This is very common in the copier business and often is the case that you will find your new lamp will operate just fine.

Developer - We have the OEM developer available for nearly every drum and toner we sell.

All Copiers Touch Screen Panels: Non-Returnable - Non-Refundable - Should Only be Replaced by Trained Service Personnel

PLEASE NOTE - As with our drums we don't always have available a choice of OEM parts for every machine that is available to the industry. We do try however to have available the most choices possible for every situation. Special Orders (please read before ordering special order parts) Please understand when ordering special order parts we cannot accept returns for these items. Exceptions will be allowed only if an ordering error is made on our behalf, if product is damaged in shipping or at our sole discretion we deem the product is returnable to the OEM manufacturer or our vendor. OEM and special order parts manufacturers, vendors and repair facilities for special order items typically do not accept returns for special order items once the item has been paid for and shipped. This applies especially, but is not at all limited to, electronic components. We therefore have no way of returning your special order item to the vendor once it has been shipped. If you install the part incorrectly and it breaks, we do not accept a return or issue a refund. If you decide you do not want or need the part after the order has already been processed or shipped, we cannot accept a return or issue a refund. Please be sure the special order part you are ordering is exactly what you need before you order.

If an error is made and a product is quoted at an incorrect price, CopierPartsOutlet.com shall maintain the right to refuse, refund, modify or cancel any quote or order placed at the incorrect price and you will be notified of these changes prior to any adjustment. In the event of an overcharge when the order has already been confirmed and charged to your account, CopierPartsOutlet.com shall promptly issue a credit or refund for the overcharged amount.

Please be sure you are providing to us the correct OEM Part # when ordering special order items, refunds and returns will also not be issued in the event you provide to us the wrong part number. In the event we determine the supplier or the manufacturer will accept a return from us for your item a 20% re-stocking fee will be applied to the refunded amount, shipping will not be refunded. Please be aware additional re-stocking fees may charged by the vendor for the returned item.

Return Policy & Quality Guarantee

All returned items are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee

We have researched and tested products from manufacturers throughout the world so you don't have to. In many cases our aftermarket parts and toners exceed manufacturer’s specifications.

We accept returns for manufacturer defects for 20 days from the date of purchase for 'stock' or 'readily available' items* CopierPartsOutlet.com reserves the right to inspect all return items and make the final determination on all credits, refunds and exchanges. Please contact us first within the 20 day period from date of purchase for return authorization, all packages not first authorized by us for return will be returned to sender.

*This policy covers wear on photo drums and parts under normal operating conditions. Also, please be familiar with the handling of photoreceptor drums before attempting to replace them as the surfaces of these parts can scratch very easily and we do not accept returns for parts damaged due to the negligence of the technician. If you are unsure of the best way to handle your part please e-mail our customer service dept. and we will do our best to help and advise you, please include machine type and the OEM part number you are inquiring about.

For all Printed Circuit Board returns for warranty repair please refer to our PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
Policy found above on this page.

For all special order returns please refer to our policy here --

We do not accept returns or issue refunds for special order items with exception to the following conditions: 1. An order processing error or incorrect part number / item on our part, a full refund
or exchange and / or credit will be issued when valid for any amount due.

2. Part or item ordered becomes discontinued or unavailable during order processing
(this can and does occasional happen) a full refund will be issued for any amount due.

3. Package arrives to you damaged in shipping - package must be refused at time of delivery
as a 'damaged in shipping' claim submitted to the carrier (UPS, FedEx etc.)

4. At our sole discretion the item is deemed exchangeable or returnable, in this case we may
make an exception, a 20% re-stock fee may apply, please e-mail request. 5. When a return for a special order is granted additional fees may apply based on the Manufacturer's or Vendor's
policy for these items. Please understand we have no control over these as we are charged the same.

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